Dear Thierry
It was a pleasure to meet you and experience the tour. The boys and I learned a lot and had fun as well. 
Fam. R. N. - 10 January 2019
(Battle of the Bulge tour out of Bastogne)

Hi Thierry,
Thank you again for the tour. We both learned a lot from you and hope to visit another battlefield soon !
Mr & Mrs A. B. - 10 January 2019
(Battle of Verdun daytour)

Thank you yes I enjoyed it very much. It was my favorite trip by far!
Thank you very much!
Mr B. N. - 14 November 2018
(Battle of the Bulge day tour from Bastogne to Dinant)

We really had a good time on the Bastogne tour and got to experience it differently. 
Thank you,
Mr & Mrs K. - 30 September 2018
(Battle of the Bulge day tour from Dinant to Bastogne)

(...) Thanks for being a great guide. Hope to see you one of these days. Thanks again,
Mr C. - 29 September 2018
(3 days Battle of the Bulge (Northern Shoulder & Bastogne) and Ypres Salient)

Thx for a great day
Mr C. - 24 September 2018
(Northern Shoulder / Battle of the Bulge)

Thank you
We appreciate you getting us on the right train, LOL
As well, we are still talking about your tour and will for a long time
I posted some pictures on Facebook
I sent you a friend request
In Bruges now, rain has stopped, what an awesome place
You are so lucky to have lived here
Thank you again for a  remarkable and an unforgettable day

Mr & Mrs T. - 24 September 2018
(Battle of the Bulge day tour from Dinant to Bastogne)

Hi Thierry,
We had a fantastic tour with you thank you again!
Early Sunday morning Dad was feeling a lot stronger so we went back to the “real” jack woods then over to Dinant really nice town had lunch and the motorbikes turned up was very funny. Trust us to turn up the day 1,000 + plus motorbikes do! 
Fam. W. - 04 September 2018
(Battle of the Bulge (Bastogne) day tour)

Thanks Thierry for the great tour; it was very informative and we really enjoyed it. 
We did discover that we left the bag in your car; please keep the mug as a token of our appreciation  :-) ; we’ll go back to the museum tomorrow to get another one.
Best regards,
Mr & Mrs V - 16 August 2018
(Half day Bastogne Battlefield tour)

Hi Thierry
We all enjoyed your tour and knowledge of Bastogne and the area. 
Fam. F. - 13 August 2018
(Battle of the Bulge (Bastogne) day tour)

Thanks for the tour and information, Thierry !!
Very good thank you :)
Mr L. +2 - 11 August 2018
(Battle of the Bulge Tour from Dinant to Bastogne)

Bonjour Thierry,
Many thanks for your support and comments by preparing the program for a American group in Belgium.
A Travel Agency - 10 August 2018
(Three days small group tour: Battle of the Bulge (Bastogne) - Battle of Verdun - Breweries/beer tour)

Thanks so much for the great tour! And than you for the warning of the pedestrian district in Ghent.  As it turns out, your cautions were well advised.  No fines but getting to the hotel was a real adventure due to the lack of GPS data and the obtuse street signage!  But all turned out well after a bit of driver frustration.  Off to Bruges tomorrow for another adventure!
Congratulations on the international recognition of your professional pilot career.  For my part I would expect nothing less but it must be very gratifying for you.
We enjoyed our time together and would expect you to contact us if you find yourself anywhere near Dallas, Texas!
Take care,
Mr & Mrs L. - 06 August 2018
(Luxembourg American Cemetery (Hamm) & Battle of the Bulge (Bastogne) tour)

Thierry Thanks so much for a “perfect” tour yesterday. You took us at just the right speed, showed us all the main things we wanted to see, and many more wonderful things we knew nothing about and were so interesting. Thanks for all the charming and intriguing stories that we shall always remember, and for pointing out the “real” places and stories as opposed to the Hollywood versions. 
Will explore your website and let you know if our close friend is indeed a relative of  Nurse LeMaire. If so will send you his picture and you can add to your catalogue of stories. 
Hope to see you again one day when we bring our children and grandchildren to this area. 
Live long and strong. All the best,
Mr & Mrs F. - 27 June 2018
(Battle of The Bulge day tour from Dinant to Bastogne)

Thanks Thierry!
We had a fabulous trip and definitely are leaving much smarter about WWI and WWII as well as Belgium’s hot spots for fun!

Mr & Mrs V. - 19 June 2018
(on a Belgium tour for a week)

Most enjoyable today
Mr. M. L. - 02 June 2018
(Napoleon Route from Ligny to Waterloo day tour)

Hi Thierry,
 Yes, we arrived back safely. We had a great day on Tuesday, many thanks. We visited Fort Vaux, Tranchee Chattancourt and the American Cemetery on the Wednesday
 Thank you once again
Mr J. C. & son - 01 June 2018
(Battle of Verdun day tour)

Thanks again for a great tour!
Mr & Mrs G. - 13 May 2018
(Battle of Verdun day tour)

We enjoyed our tour with you. We learned a lot. Very sobering. There’s nothing quite like being in the places where such important events took place. No movies can really convey the impact. 
Mrs S. S. - 30 March 2018
(Battle of Verdun day tour)

Thanks for the links and mostly thanks for the marvelous tour of Verdun!  
I haven’t found a good IPA yet but only because I am absorbed in trying all of this great French wine!
I do hope the weather warms up and that you have some fun outings this spring!  
Thanks again.
Mr J. S. - 28 March 2018
(Battle of Verdun day tour)

Thanks again btw, we really loved the tour. Fascinating. Seems so long ago but then not so long ago afterwhile...
Fam. J. M. - 28 March 2018
(Battle of Verdun day tour)

You gave my family and I a tour of the battlefields last summer and you asked for some pictures my daughter and son took.  I am sending them now, allow with an article I think you might find interesting.
Thank you for a wonderful day.  Can't wait to visit again.
Fam. B. - 18 October 2017
(American Meuse-Argonne Offensive/Battle of Verdun day tour)

Thank you Thierry. A wonderful day. Would not have been able to do it without your help.
Really appreciate everything. Flight to Florence was routine and boring which is exactly how we like to fly.
Hopefully we'll see you next time for a beer tasting tour. Only tasting? 
Mr & Mrs F. - 24 September 2017
(Battle of the Bulge day tour)

Merci bien Thierry. And thanks for a very memorable day.
Fam. David B. - 24 August 2017
(Battle of Verdun day tour)

We much enjoyed our visit to Belgium and France with you.
Thank you for making our travels with you so meaningful and interesting.  We are still catching up here at home from our weeks away in Europe, but wanted to let you know that we arrived home safely after leaving you outside of Reims to take the TGV for our visit to Paris.  Attached are four photos of us with you from our tour.  We will be back in touch after we get caught up here at home. 
Our best regards,
John and Sandy N.  - 16 July 2017
(4 days tour, incl. Battle of Waterloo, Bastogne/Battle of The Bulge, American Meuse-Argonne Offensive, medieval villages & castles)

Hi Thierry,
 I trust things are well with you?
 I know this is long overdue..
 But thanks again for taking us on a brewery tour back in November.
 It was definitely a highlight of the Euro trip..
 The samples we took back with us from Caracole and Fagnes breweries were very much appreciated!!
 But alas, we are now with out them..
 I was wondering if it would be possible to have some of those beers shipped from Belgium to Canada?
Mr H. L. -  08 June 2017

 Thank you for our wonderful day in Bruges and our visit to Lissewege. Even though Bobbie and I hadn’t done our homework about Bruges.
We loved seeing the things that the bus travelers missed and your knowledge of the area is without peer I am certain.
Thank you again,
Mr & Mrs D. V.  - 07 June 2017

Posted on Facebook by Me I. P. on 03 June 2017:
Essa Imperial Stout é a minha primeira cerveja completando 01 ano de maturação. Está simplesmente sensacional. Notas de de frutas secas, café, torrado e até um quê de vinho do porto. Corpo alto, quase licorosa, espuma densa e persistente. 10,5% de ABV macio e perigosamente sútil. Definitivamente preciso fazer mais cervejas pra perder de "vista". Já tem uma Dark Strong Ale completando 06 meses...
This Imperial Stout is my first beer celebrating 01 year of maturation. Is simply sensational. Notes of dried fruits, coffee, toast and even a hint of port wine. Body High, almost licorosa, dense foam and persistent. 10,5 % abv dangerously soft and subtle. Definitely need to do more beers to lose "sight". already has a dark strong ale completing 06 months...
Hi Thierry Houba, you were completely right when you said to me: "Make beer and forget it in the cellar". This is my first beer to complete a year of maturation and it is simply sensational! Its a Imperial Stout.

Hi Thierry, 
Now that the hungover after the trip is over, we would like to thank you again for the wonderful tour! We had a lot of fun and learnt a lot, not only about beer, but also about life. Maybe we will meet again, next time for a World War tour! And the beers for after... :) 
Wish you all the best in your third life!
Best Regards, 
P.D. All our beer we bought is waiting to be drunk, we will wait as you said and will try to see the difference! 
Mrs Sandra B. - 07 September 2016

Hey Thiery:
Just got back home. (...)
Thank you again for your flexibility and availability during our visit.
Hopefully we will come back some time soon for a Flanders and WWI trip: would call you to set things up.
Mr Irfan A. - 01 August 2016

Hi Thierry
(...) we appreciate your help and assistance with the group with the strikes this year and the blessed student last year. It is wonderful to have such partners (...)
Mrs Jennifer B. - 22 June 2016

A great brewery tour that includes a beer. You do need to reserve in advance. We had Thierry of Scenic Tours as our driver and guide. Great guy! The tour price includes a beer and they have a variety to choose from as well as a nice garden.
Comment on Tripadvisor dd 09 June 2016 
(one of my beer tours that included a visit to the Brasserie du Bocq)
Note: my tours are not on TripAdvisor.

Hi Thierry:
Thank you for such a great day! And the recommendations. I'll post a great review on TripAdvisor when I return home.
Mrs Shannon H. - 05 June 2016

My Company Scenic Tours (and thus me) mentionned in an article about the top Belgium beer tours, written on 08 Januari 2016 by Robert in Travel Unrivaled.

I hope this finds you well.
We are approaching the one-year anniversary of my dream trip to Belgium and The Netherlands. I'm terribly sorry I've waited so long to write. When I returned from three weeks away from my job, there was so much work to do ... and I never stopped to reflect.
The three days we spent travelling together were three of the most enjoyable days in my 40+ years of vacations. Thank you so much for taking such care in showing me around my ancestral country. My 21 days in Europe were absolutely fantastic, but my three days with you as my guide were the very best.
I'm sorry I took so long to write. Thank you very much for being such an excellent ambassador of our beloved Belgium.
Very Best,
Todd B. - 01 September 2014

Bonjour M. Houba,
Thank you for driving us to and from Maredsous Abbey. We also are grateful for the help you gave to Benjamin and caring for him at the hospital. You are very kind, and we hope to see you again.
Best wishes,
Steve (Dr. W.) - 25 May 2014

The weather was at times not so good and the tour required a lot of time in the van, and I and the clients particularly appreciated Thierry Houba's skill and patience during the long journey from the Somme to Verdun in continuous driving rain and reduced visibility.
Nick K. - 26 October 2013

Dear Mr Houba,
Indeed many thanks ! I can say that your offers are really impressive, so next time when my friend will come maybe we can organize some other tour with you.
Mr S. T. - 10 September 2013

Hi Thierry,
I finally had a chat with the guys that went on the tour last Saturday and I wanted to thank you once again for all your help and for making their day very enjoyable.
They loved the tour, had a really good time so once again thank you!
I hope we'll have the chance to work together again soon.
Have a good weekend and kind regards
Mrs G. P. - 6 September 2013

Dear Mr. Thierry Houba
c/o Scenic Tours Sprl
Hope this mail find your happy life.
This is I(...) who could enjoy Traditional Chateau and atmosphere at Wallonne area on 5th July by your good driving and professional guide. Thanks for your kindness. And if we could spent more time in Durbuy, this tour might be unforgettable forever.
The photo taken in front of Chateau de Veves is attached in this mail. Please find the same. 
Best regards, 
Mr. and Mrs. I(...)
Japan (5 August 2013)

Hi Thierry ...
I attached the photo that we took together along with another from In De Vrede. Yeah ... We did manage to reach Westvleteren apart from a huge traffic jam on the road (leaving Brussels).
Thank you for the very pleasant tour that we did around Dinant and I look forward to getting back to visit other places in the region. 
Kind regards
Um abraço
Thomaz P (Brazil) 25 May 2013

I recommend Thierry Houba of Scenic Tours from near Dinant. Thierry has a 19 passenger minibus, speaks Flemish, French and English, is a safe, courteous driver and all-around-nice guy. I highly recommend him.
Stu S. (3 January 2013)

It was nice meeting you today. Thank you for a wonderful day. We all enjoyed the tour. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. 
Jackie K. (23 December 2012)

Thank you for your fine driving, translations and friendship. Everyone enjoyed traveling w you. Be well! 
Stu S. (14 October 2012)

Thank you for your excellent driving, for being our interpreter and teaching us about Belgium ! We had a great time !
Nikki B. & Michael C. (12 October 2012)

Thank you once again for your great service and advice.
Michael F. (16 August 2012)

Best guide ever !!!!
To Thierry ! Merci beaucoup pour le partage de votre amour et votre connaissance de votre beau pays ! (I hope I said that right !)
awww ... we were with him for 4 days ! He picked us up in Reims. Drove us all around Dinant, Namur, Bastogne + more for two days and to Brussels and Bruges the last day ! He was a treasure.
Janet, on Facebook (22 July 2012)

Thank you for all the fun
Bill (15 July 2012)

You have been very helpful in setting up the tour. We look forward to meeting you in Reims on 11 July !
Bill (10 June 2012)

Good morning Thierry
Thank you so much for all your help in organising the coach and driver for my party on the P & O Cruise.
It was very much appreciated at such short notice.
The tour was very pleasant and they all thoroughly enjoyed it.
Many thanks
Gill (06 June 2012)

Dear Thierry,
Thank you for your exceptional service in assisting K. with his inquiries.
We share his appreciation for your commitment to service excellence.
Please keep up the great work !

Thank you Thierry. You have been so helpful

Hello from Ohio - this is F. (...). I would very much like to work with you to put a tour together for us and our friends! We had great fun with you about a year ago when we toured the Trappist monastery breweries. Now I would like to put together a tour with you (...). I wanted to work with you to do that, and to lead our tour.
S. and I really enjoyed your help on the trip last year, and would like to get your help to do this. (...) If this is something you could help us with, that would be great! 

Hi Scenic Tours, I would like to say how pleased my wife and I were with the one day tour of chateaux and caves in the Dinant region in September 2011 provided by your firm. We returned mid last week from four weeks in Belgium and north-east France and the day spent on this customized tour stands out in our memory as one of the most interesting and enjoyable. The suggestion for a stop for lunch in Han was excellent.The guiding service provided as part of the tour was very much appreciated. Sincerely, John and Joanne 

Thanks for all your behind the scenes work. Everything went great
D. did a fine job for us, thank you. He is a good and safe driver. We, of course, did miss you.

Thanks for the nice days in Dinant and surroundings, memories for life!
I promised to tell you when we had photos and film clear from the visit, and now there's little to watch.
It is available on our website (...), unfortunately, the language is in Swedish but I still think you can find it.
Thank you and have it so good!

Thank you very much for a great tour

TRAVELER COMMENT: I orangised a trip for 20 people to attend a day trip to Brussels (one of them being me). The day ran very smoothly indeed, from being collected at the train station, the brewery tour, lunch, walking tour including crepes and returning to the station in time to board Eurostar. The comments I received from all our guests were extremely positive with everybody enjoying the day.

REFERENCE: I can confirm that we have used Thierry’s company ‘Scenic Tours’ in the past when we have visited Belgium and he has always offered an excellent service.
He is a most likeable and knowledgeable man and I have no hesitation in recommending him.
Kind Regards,

Dear Thierry,
Thank you! It was a terrific tour and everyone was very pleased. We returned home on Wednesday and I've been having a hard time with jet lag and seem to have picked up a cold but we have many wonderful memories of our time in Europe. We will certainly try to steer some customers your way. And I'll send some photos as soon as there is enough room on my computer to download them. 
Best regards,

Dear Thierry,
Thank you so much for a wonderful visit

(lettrer) Dear Thierry,
I just wanted to write you a note and personally thank you for your hospitality, assistance & most of all ... your friendship ! (...)
We had the trip of a lifetime ! Thanks for sharing your beautiful country with us. We love Belgium and all Belgians ! Everyone was so nice ! We particularly enjoyed and appreciated your special tips, information & tour information. (...) We will certainly come back and we will recommend that others use your service when they are in need of such professional services. You are a professional and a credit to your profession. Thank you for your safe driving. I hope our group was not too unruly ... we certainly enjoyed ourselves.
We wish you the best in your work and life. Enjoy good health and raise a beer when you read this. We toast you, à votre santé i
P.S. I want to visit Dinant !

Thank you once again for your driving, leadership and friendship. We all had a great time with you. Everyone departed the next day from Brussels. I spent a week in Bamberg beer hunting and scouting a possible future tour. Just got back the other day and am getting caught up.

Hi Thierry,
Thanks for the note - you were on my list to send a note to. Thank you so much for your hospitality. It was a pleasure to travel with you for the day. The rest of our trip was fantastic, but I will say that Belgium was our favorite country on our trip - and not just for the beer!!! We will definitely return.
I hope to talk to you again before our next trip.

Hi Thierry
Thank you for your service with our group over the Belgium Grand Prix weekend.

We are now back in Sweden and working as usual. We talk about our visit in Dinant and all of us are very pleased with your driving and guiding around Dinant. You really helped us. We appreciate your kindness and your professionality – we learned a lot about living in countryside and about breweries of course. 
Thank you very much from all of us!

Joan C called me today and raved about you! She thought the tour was fabulous and she said over and over again that you are, "adorable, professional, very intelligent, thoughtful, warm and bubbly!" She put me in the mood for a glass of champagne! 
She said everything was perfect. The guide was amazing. She was glad the tour was on the 30th afterall. 
Joan said she will tell everyone about you and she urged me to give you more business. I will do my best! I know you book all kinds of tours.
In case this interests you she mentioned that their guide in normandy was also amazing. (...)
If you're ever in Philadelphia let me know and we'll take you out for cheesesteaks!

We also booked a day trip with scenic tours it all went very well and the group where happy with the service and enjoyed their time in belgium.


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